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Guild of Messengers

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All Guilds Meeting - July 2012

Shorah, everyone!  Sitting in the middle of summer did not stop this month's All Guilds Meeting, and this one had a couple of big developments!  Of course, we present the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs and a summary of all that went down.


Mac and rarified were first up for OU.  There was a bit of a rough time recently as wildfires in the midwestern United States caused the Minkata shard to shut down for awhile (as rarified had to evacuate his home), but thankfully, not only was his home spared, but (less importantly by comparison, of course) he was able to reconstitute everything in record time thanks to some earlier planning.  Bug fixes and testing continue, with a mention of another stress test party some time soon.

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The Cavern Post 2.0

The Guild of Messengers is pleased to announce a new format for its magazine, The Cavern Post, known as The Cavern Post 2.0! Due to a lack of human resources and that precious thing called "time", we have decided to go for a lighter, web-based format to which anyone signed into the Guild of Messengers website can contribute as easily as writing a News post.  This will hopefully get the content out to everyone faster...and nobody's article gets left in limbo.

Each Article is then examined by the magazine team, tweaked if necessary, then the final approval is given by the magazine editor (with Guild Masters as assistant editors for now) before it is published for all to read. We already have one article ready thanks to Ahlisendar, so be sure to read it and leave comments!

NOTE: A print (PDF) version of the magazine may still be put out by the Guild if there is enough interest and enough articles down the line; it would just be more sporadic.

The magazine can now be viewed here or by clicking on the "Magazine" link at the top of our website.  We at the Guild of Messengers hope you enjoy the new format and please tell us what you think!

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All Guilds Meeting - June 2012

It was that time again in Kirel...the All Guilds Meeting has come and gone!  Not as many presenters, but certainly plenty of news.  As always, here's the raw and cleansed chatlogs and a summary of what you missed:


Annabelle once again updated everyone on the progress of her marker quests.  Her 7th release is still being worked on and are being made "less hard", as she put it.  She expects to be finished in 2 to 3 weeks.  Also, due to the recent upgrade, she believes that most of the complicated jumps in her quests will be easier due to the fact that slipping down steep slopes is considerably slower then it used to be.

Guild of Messengers

Leonardo broke from the usual "GoMe is last" tradition of the meetings as there was much to talk about.  First thing was to announce that Lyrositor (who was also made assistant webmaster under Leonardo) and I had taken over as Guild Masters, after which he turned things over to us.  Lyrositor spoke about our renewed effort to recruit more Messengers for our various projects in the works as well as reiterating details about our video project, URU2U.  I spoke about the Cavern Criers and how Nev'yn was the one to talk to if interested.  Lunanne was last to speak more about our migration from magazine to online news articles.  She also mentioned about how she will eventually pass the title of magazine editor to someone else.

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New GoMe Guild Masters Chosen!

Shorah and salutations, dwellers of the cavern!

I find on the heels of the newest update to MOULa, I have the signifigant duty of providing an important announcement on behalf of the Guild of Messengers. In recent weeks, explorers may have read about many changes that were in store for the guild. The first of which, was seeking of two new Guild Masters to run GoMe's day to day operations. The appointment of those new leaders has arrived, and it is time for us to share with community who they are.

Before I do, I would like to take a moment to thank our previous leaders Leonardo and Luna for all of their hard work over the years. Leo's endeavors brought to the community the All Guilds Meeting, where he still serves as its moderator, helping to build bridges within the community's various groups. Luna's efforts complimented these labors, by reviving GoMe's newsletter, attempting to add for the community an extra element for its members to look forward to. I feel I can say with certainty, the impression of this change noticeable, much like the previous era when Marten stepped down as Guild Master. Although all three will continue be with us as Messengers, gracing us with their thoughts and advice, their hands are not "at the helm" on a daily basis. Taking up these duties will be two new "set of hands", as the Guild of Messengers charts a new course into the waters of the future: Read more

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From the Guild Masters of the GoMe

Every once in a while the Guild of Messengers generates News instead of just reporting about them. This time it may be a shocking one for some of you.
Luna(nne) and I have decided to resign from our positions of Guild Masters for the GoMe.
Unlike what happened in the past for other Guild Masters in other Guilds, our action is not the result of arguments or fights, we are not leaving out of anger or delusion. We are leaving in a peaceful way, we have had a good time as GMs of the Guild and we have happy memories about it. But time has come for us to step back and retire in the shadows of the virtual printing office.
Recently we have felt that we were no longer able to give the right energy to our Guild and we were becoming a weight that was slowing down all the activities and was compromising the possibilities for the future of the GoMe. So, unlike some other GMs, we are choosing to give the opportunity to someone else to use their personal approach to shape the GoMe and give it new energy, before our inactivity starts to be too heavy and bring the rest of the Guild to a dormant state. Read more

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